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Rocking chair

Take a look at this family heirloom chair we have recently upholstered.

Mo came to us as the antique rocking chair needed some TLC but she didn’t want to lose the character of the chair as it had been in their family for around 150 years. The chair was previously upholstered using traditional upholstery and she wanted to keep this the same. We assessed the chair and confirmed we can use traditional upholstery materials and techniques to reupholster it for her.

As the frame work on the chair also needed some attention we discussed this with Mo and agreed to carry out a light clean to the wood work to ensure the character was not lost.

We replaced all of the filings with new horsehair and then upholstered in using Yarwood Leather, range Tribe in colour Africa with Baroc studding around the edges.

We carried out a clean of the woodwork on the chair and kept Mo updated of our progress along the way. Once we had finished cleaning it, we sent a picture of the chair to Mo before we started the careful process of reupholstering it to ensure she was happy with the level of cleaning carried out on the chair.

As we knew how important the chair was to Mo, we took pictures of the chair from start to finish to keep Mo updated on how the transformation of the chair was coming along. This was to ensure she was happy with how the chair looked step by step.

As the studding detail around the edges of the chair needed to be replaced and Mo wanted to keep them the same colour and design as the original studding, we ensured she was happy with the choice of studding before we fixed them to chair.


We think the chair looks fantastic now it has been given a new lease of life. We were so pleased we were able to keep the chair exactly how Mo remembered it.


Ercol Jubilee Easy Chair

Take a look at this recently upholstered Ercol Jubilee Easy Chair that belongs to one of our Thornbury based customers.

David and his wife came into our Clifton village showroom and asked us for a quotation for this chair as it needed some TLC. We provided them with a quotation and took some time reviewing the samples books. They already knew they wanted a tartan or check wool fabric, so we refined the search to these fabrics. Linwood Fabrics were a favourite and they quickly decided on using a delightful purple and olive check from the Linwood Fabrics range ‘Beachcomber’ in colour 16 Bressay.

As they were unsure if the base cushion needed to be replaced with new foam, we agreed to assess this when the chair was in the workshop and upon stripping the chair down we found that the existing foam did not need to be replaced. We replaced all of the Pirelli webbing on the base of the chair with new to give the chair a new lease of life.

The Ercol Jubilee Easy Chair was upholstered with a like for like design, with the buttons and poppers replaced to ensure the cushions fitted perfectly. The fabric definitely gives the chair a cosy, welcoming look and the chair is going to look great for many years to come.

Here is what our customer had to say upon receiving the chair back –


Chesterfield two seat and armchair

We recently upholstered a chesterfield two seat sofa and armchair for our upholstery customer based in St Albans, outside of London.

Ryan sent photographs of his furniture for a quotation, and was initially unsure I he wanted to upholster them in leather again or a velvet. We provided two quotations showing the difference for upholstering in each option, and he decided he preferred a velvet. He wanted a grey crushed or tumbled velvet, so we arranged for free samples to be sent directly to him so he could see which he preferred. We’d always recommend our nationwide customers have samples, as it is difficult to represent fabric colours and textures on a screen.

After some consideration, Ryan chose Linwood Fabrics Sigma Zinc, which is a tumbled, stain resistant velvet that catches the light beautifully. Once the fabric was confirmed, we arranged for our trusted courier company to collect his chesterfield sofa and armchair at a time and date convenient for Ryan.

We replaced the buttons with new ones and replaced the existing castors on the bottom with new Shepherd castors.

We think the end result looks brilliant! Take a look at our photos below.


Leather tub chairs

Take a look at these three tub chairs we have just upholstered for one of upholstery customers in Bristol!

Angelica came in to our Clifton showroom to obtain a quote and look at some fabric to reupholster the chairs in. As the current chairs were upholstered in vinyl that had started to wear slightly she was unsure if she wanted to use a cloth or leather this time.

We spent lots of time looking through different sample books and arranged free samples to be sent out to our customer. Once the samples arrived, Angelica decided she wanted to use two different leathers to upholster the chairs.

She decided to use JMT leather range Sir Edmund in colour Bronx for two of the chairs and then one chair to be upholstered in JMT leather range Stella in colour Cherry red. We think the red chair complements the brown ones brilliantly. What do you think?


Ercol Evergreen Easy armchair

This chair we have recently upholstered for one of our customers defiantly has the WOW factor don’t you think?

Laura got in touch with us as she had an Ercol Evergreen easy chair that needed some TLC.

Laura had seen the new Omega prints by Linwood previously and instantly knew she wanted to use one of these fabrics to upholster her chair. The omega prints range is vibrantly printed velvets which are stain resistant. These fabrics are also treated with a ‘Green Fr Treatment’ which is an environmentally friendly fire treatment, so when the fabrics are used for upholstery they are reducing the amount of waste. After looking through the sample book in a store she decided to use colour way, Blossom.

The fabrics are really stunning, on a velvet base with a bold printed design. The cloth feels extremely soft and is very hardwearing.

As the chair was need of some TLC we recommended overlaying the existing foams with a layer of 9oz Dacron to give the chair a nice plump look. We replaced the button detail like for like.

Here’s what our customer had to say.


We think this chair looks amazing!


Contrasting dining chairs

Look at these dining chairs we have recently upholstered for one of our customers in Bath.

Margaret spent lots of time in our Clifton village shop looking over different fabrics with us, when she had narrowed it down to a few fabrics she liked we arranged for free samples to be sent to her home address so she could view them in the kitchen area to see how they will look once the chairs were completed.

She finally decided to have the six dining chairs upholstered in two different colours. We upholstered three of the dining chairs in Warwick Fabrics, Marco colour Apple and the other three using Warwick Fabrics, Marco Colour Rust and we think the two colours complement each other perfectly.

As the dining chairs were going onto a carpet area our customer asked us if we could add something to the bottom of the legs to stop it making a mark. We suggested adding a felt pad to each leg so when the chairs are moved they do not leave a mark.

Here’s what our customer had to say when she received the chairs back


Do you have some dining chairs that need to be reupholstered? Contact us today for a free no obligation quote.


Chaise lounge

Here we have a chaise lounge upholstered recently for our Bristol-based customer.

Nuala decided to upholster the chaise using Warwick Fabrics, plush velvet in colour Teal and we think it was a great choice.

The plush velvet range from Warwick has lots of different colour ways and is extremely hard wearing so can be perfect if you are looking for a luxurious looking fabric.

We replaced the button detail like for like to give the chaise lounge that finishing touch.

Take a look at our pictures of the completed chaise lounge below. What do you think?


Chesterfield armchair base cushion replacement

Here we have upholstered the base cushion only on a chesterfield armchair.

Our upholstery customer from Bristol brought the chair into us to ask for our advice as to the original leather on the base cushion was starting to wear and was in need of some TLC.

We assessed the chair and advised as it was only the base cushion that needed some attention to just upholster this part of the chair.

We removed the base cushion from the frame and looked through lots of different sample books comparing it with the colour on the base cushion to find the perfect match. We settled on using Warwick, Range Marlborough in colour Leaf as our customer thought this was a really good match. This was a more cost-effective way to get the chair back to its original glory without upholstering the whole chair or purchasing a new one.

here’s what our customer had to say upon completion:


Do you have a chair that needs some TLC but doesn’t want to change all of it? We can help!


Library chairs

Here we have recently upholstered two library chairs for our customer based in Wotton – Under – Edge.

Janet found us online and sent us a picture of the chairs to provide her with a quotation. She advised she was looking for a dark blue velvet so we arranged free samples to be sent to her to view at her home. Once she had spent a few days looking over the samples, she decided to use the Linwood, Omega velvet in colour way 42 Atlantis adding a braid of her choice to finish of the edges of the chairs beautifully.

The omega velvet range from Linwood is the perfect velvet if you are looking for a hardwearing fabric and its coated with a stain resistant finish.

We added an overlay of foam to the chairs to give them that added support on the back and base and make them look a lot more luxurious.

We arranged our trusted courier company to collect the chairs and then deliver them back once completed. We are proud to be able to offer a reliable UK wide service so our customers don’t have to make the trip if they do not want to.

What do you think of our before and after pictures?


Parker knoll statesmen chairs

Parker Knoll Statesman chairs are well worth investing in, so we loved upholstering this one for one of our Bristol customers.

Jan visited our Clifton showroom to take a look through our upholstery fabric sample books, she wanted to make sure she chose the right fabric for the chair that suited the chair, the room, and her personality. We arranged free samples to be sent out directly to her so she could look through these at home.

Jan decided to use Ross Fabrics, Pimlico in colour Crush corn to upholster the chair and button detail in. This is a chenille fabric and we think it complements the chair perfectly.

We replaced the base and back foam giving the chair a new lease of life. Jan was able to try out our different grades of foam in store and find which one suited her based on her own preference and comfort.  We then replaced the buttons to give the chair the perfect finishing touches.


Danish Chairs

We loved upholstering these classic Danish chairs for our customer in Ascot. They are stunning Vintage Spanish Chairs by Børge Mogensen for Fredericia and retail for around £4000 each when buying new.

They are really impressive and very special pieces so instead of buying new Sue and Michael decided to have them upholstered as they were in need of some TLC.

We spent lots of time looking through different leathers for the chairs and arranged free samples to be sent to their home address so they could compare it to the leather that was already on the chair. We advised a strong saddle leather was required for chairs like these, to stand the test of time. They decided on AW Midgley in colour Tan to upholster the chairs in which we think compliments the frames of the chairs brilliantly.

Sue and Michael asked us to copy the original design like for like and re-use the existing buckles, which our upholsterers carried out perfectly!

Take a look at the below pictures of the completed chairs.


Buttoned back chair

We loved working with this customer for chair upholstery in Oxford. Alana found us online and sent through some pictures of the chair she wanted upholstered. We provided her with an accurate quotation from these images.

Alana knew she wanted to upholster the chair in a yellow coloured velvet. We helped her narrow down her fabric choices by arranging for free samples to be sent directly to her to help her decide which one she thought was best. She chose Warwick Fabrics, Plush velvet in colour Turmeric.

The plush velvet is exactly how you can imagine, very plush and extremely hardwearing. The fabric has also been treated with a stain resistant finish to help repel those stains!

We replaced the button detail on the chair like for like but removed the skirt around the bottom of the chair to give it more of a modern look.

Take a look at our before and after pictures below


Rosemary – Three peice suite

We really enjoyed making new loose covers for a three seat sofa, two seat sofa and then upholstering a footstool for this matching suite.

Our customer based in Wraxall Bristol came to us seeking new covers as her original ones were looking a bit tired and she fancied a change.

We spent lots of time looking through different sample books and sent free samples to find the perfect fabric. Once Rosemary found the fabric she liked, we arranged a large sample to be sent so she could see the pattern repeat more clearly.  The final decision was Warwick Fabrics, collection Volpe in colour way Tomato.

We collected the furniture from Rosemary before starting the work to ensure the loose covers fitted the frames correctly. We took extra care to ensure the pattern was matched up correctly when making the loose covers and ran the stripes of the fabric sideways as requested by our customer.

As Rosemary wanted the furniture to look more modern she asked us to remove the skirt from the front of the sofa’s and footstools. We also replaced all of the castors with new ones using an antique brown finish. Take a look at our before and after pictures. We think the suite looks great. What do you think?