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Two tone armchair

We recently upholstered a wing back armchair for one of our customers using two different fabrics to create the perfect combination.

We spent lots of time with our customer to find two fabrics that complement each other as well as these do!

The fabrics used here are Morris & Co Little Chintz 226406 Slate Blue/Fennel and Voyage Arielli Teal.We think the completed look of this chair is stunning!

Loose cover for two seat sofa

Loose covers can be a great, cost effective way of updating your furniture. Mrs B wanted a new loose cover for her two seat sofa to freshen it up.

Choosing fabric was the easy part; as she walked in the door she saw this gorgeous Linwood Floral House Print and that was decided!

Below are the before and after photographs of the loose cover for two seat sofa; what do you think?

Swivel Chair Restoration

We received an enquiry from this customer about upholstering and restoring this old desk swivel chair for his mother’s birthday, as it is particularly sentimental for her.

The spring unit inside needed replacing, and the customer wanted the wood to be stripped down to a more natural finish. We upholstered the base in black leather and finished the edges with baroc renaissance studding.

All in all, the end result is a great update to the original style chair, now safe to be sat on without springs flying out (as had been known to happen prior!).

High Back Dining Chairs in Fabric

This customer was sold their four high back dining chairs as being real leather. Real leather will not flake like it has on these chairs!

For a better finish he chose a Ross herringbone fabric and the high back dining chairs look so much smarter now!

A great example of when it might be easier or seem logical to throw furniture away but upholstering saves unnecessary waste and extends the lifetime of furniture. We can also upholster in real leather or faux leather too.

Square Footstool Upholstered

This customer wanted their square footstool upholstered as it no longer fitted their room.

They knew they wanted a brown to match the furniture and flooring, and actually decided on the first sample shown to them, a Ross fabric.

Their first comment when they saw it upholstered was ‘Oh yes, it looks so much smaller, it’s amazing!’, so we think we can say we have one satisfied customer!

Buttoned back leather sofa

A change was in store for this buttoned back leather sofa. It was originally all in leather, but needed a refresh and a slight change in design.

Our client chose to keep the smart buttoning detail on the back in leather but opted for a lovely soft cord fabric for the base cushions.

It all results in a stylish, classic sofa ready for years to come.

Leather Club Chairs

When you see a leather club chair like this, you might think all hope is lost and off to the tip it should go.

But wait! Upholstery can help to restore the furniture to its former glory, like these two leather club chairs.

With new fillings and a gorgeous aniline leather, they look great now and will gradually show signs of wear and character over the years.

Child’s Chair Upholstered

We had such a sweet child’s chair dropped into us.

It was in need of a lot of work so we stripped it right back to the frame.

The customer knew straight away what they wanted so choosing fabric wasn’t too much of a problem! The silver studs finish it off just perfectly.

Now it is ready for children and grandchildren to come.

Upholstered in Warwick Fabrics Dugan Blush.

Bespoke Scatter Cushions

It’s not just the big jobs we take on; we can help with a range of inquiries including scatter cushions.

Anna wanted to spruce up her living room and fell in love with the Studio G Yacht scatter cushions we have for sale.

The idea was to tie the room together using scatter cushions that matched the rest of the decor and the Yacht cushions, so we helped to match fabrics with her idea to create bespoke scatter cushions and the result was what you can see below.

Scatter cushions can transform a room so quickly and easily, and are a very cost-effective option.

Read more about them on our blog here.

Here’s the customer’s thoughts:

Thank you so much South West Upholstery for our super duper scatter cushions which we just love and have completely made our lounge. We love the Linwood fabrics the custom made cushion covers (in velvet and linen) look simply fab!!! We shall definitely be back – great quality products and so nice to be dealing with a local company employing staff in a workshop nearby. Best wishes.

French Chic Chair

A complete change was in store for this french chic chair!

The customer sprayed the frame white to make it more modern, and chose a stunning blue fabric, with individual studs around the edges and a feature button back.

Here you can see part of the process of upholstering with the stunning finished product.

Two seat sofa upholstery

A change of colour was in store for these two seat sofas, to match the decor of the room.

From a tired, faded red to a stunning stain-resistant velvet, these two seat sofas show exactly why it’s often worth keeping your existing sofas and updating them when they look a little tired. Supplied with arm caps for that extra protection from spills and wear.

The fabric chosen was – Warwick Fabrics Plush Velvet Teal, and the customer was over the moon.

Here’s what she thought:

2nd service we have had with SWU within a couple of weeks of each other (booked at the same time) and I am just as happy with SWU 2nd time around. Will definitely be recommending their services.

G Plan Suite Upholstery

This G Plan Suite has served Mr Fellows well over the years and just need a little refreshing.

Having not had the best experience with an upholstery previously, Mr & Mrs Fellows were understandably cautious of proceeding with the work, and had specific requirements, such as all base cushions to be reversible and interchangeable.

To help with fabric choice, we ordered a few large samples so they could see what the fabric would look like in their home and over their furniture. Once this was confirmed as Warwick Habitat Terra we tried out foam samples to find the perfect comfort level. All that was left was to collect the suite (including two pouffes) and start on the work!

Mr Fellows wanted to pop in to have a look at their furniture a couple of times along the process, out of interest and also to ease his mind. Once he was satisfied we completed the work and delivered the furniture back.

We think their G Plan suite looks fabulous in the earthy orange chosen, which complements the shape of the furniture and freshens it up.

Here’s what Mr Fellows thought:

Friendly professional service, answered all my queries and confirmed points. I was allowed to see each stage of the reupholstery which gave me full confidence in the workmanship. This was to a high standard. I believe the company give an excellent service.

Wood stripped carver chair

When Mr Jones came in, he wasn’t quite sure what he wanted, other than he wanted the wood stripped back to its natural colour.

Mr Jones decided he would like a fixed back rather than the loose screwed back he currently had on his carver chair. He was also looking for something a little more practical so opted for a vinyl.

Here is the final before and after; what do you think?

Hand stitched Ray chair

Due to the type of frame on this Ray chair, the edges all have to be lovingly hand stitched on. It takes a lot of care, attention and love from our upholsterers!

After much deliberation, Cassie found the perfect fabric for their ‘Ray’ chair. She supplied this to us with an FR certificate and we think the finished product is fabulous.

Sofabed Upholstery

Sofabed upholstery is a great way to refresh tired looking furniture.

Gill wanted to update her sofabed to match her new house decor.

From the stand-out red to now a subtle cream, it will fit in anywhere in her house. This sofabed upholstery has saved Gill so much time looking for a new sofa when really she loved her existing sofa!

Here’s what the customer had to say:

I was absolutely thrilled to receive back our newly upholstered sofa bed. The standard of the workmanship is superb and it looks and feels like a brand new piece of furniture. Their admin support has also been first-rate and I was kept well-informed re: delivery dates. (The delivery guys were also efficient and courteous!) I would highly recommend SW Upholstery if you are considering having any reupholstery done.
– Gill

Antique Three Piece Suite in Leather

Christine got in touch with us when she decided she wanted to restore her Grandmother’s antique three piece suite to the leather she remembered it being in. Aware of the amount of use it had, she also wanted  to strip the wood back and refinish, for the suite to last another few decades.

After visiting our Clifton showroom and having a look through our leather samples, Christine chose JMT Vele Wine.

When the furniture was being stripped, Robert found two more layers of fabric under her existing one! It’s always so interesting the history that furniture holds. Robert replaced all the fillings and spent a lot of time lovingly re-finishing the wood.

The final result is a gorgeous antique three piece suite, ready for many years to come.

Bedroom Chair Upholstery

Alison had purchased this lovely bedroom chair, but wanted a change.

By removing the skirt and upholstering in an abstract pattern we think the bedroom chair now looks a lot more modern.

Antique Matching Chairs

This pair of antique matching chairs were upholstered in a similar colour to the original, lovingly restored and given a fresh covering.

Upholstered in Warwick Plush Velvet Turmeric with button detail and complementary braid.

Traditional ‘His and Hers’ chairs, suitable for many years to come.

Two seat sofa upholstery and sofa bed conversion

From just over the bridge, S & J popped into our Clifton showroom one Saturday to inquire about upholstering a two seat sofa of theirs, and converting a two seat sofa bed into a sofa only.

We browsed the fabric books and ordered a few free samples for them. In the meantime they sent across a couple of photographs of their sofa/sofa bed so we could provide a quotation for them.

After some consideration they decided they would like to replace the cushions with new foam and replace the loose covers with new fitted covers. There was some debate about whether to go funky and to make the sofas a centrepiece with Warwick Medina Antique, but they decided to opt for the classic and timeless Warwick Rouen Slate for a smart finish.

Now they are practical, comfortable, and look as good as new.

Suite upholstered in wool fabrics

From the very first time we saw photos of this customer’s suite we knew it was going to look amazing once complete.

We first provided a quote online in response to her photographs sent through our contact form.

She then came into our Clifton store to browse fabric and get a sense of what she was looking for. After ordering a few small samples we then sent large, returnable samples of her favourites for her to drape over the furniture to check it worked in all lights.

The wool fabrics were an immediate hit, with all the softness required for comfort and the subtle pattern. The customer opted for two different designs in the same colourway – Islay and Harris Cloud from Warwick Fabrics.

We think they suit the room perfectly and look absolutely stunning.

Here’s what the customer had to say:

We were so delighted with the quality of the work South West Upholstery carried out on our two sofas and easy chair; we have decided to have two additional chairs recovered,
From start to finish the service has been first class. It can be quite daunting navigating all the different fabric options , they arranged for us to receive a range of samples delivered to our home to ensure we made the perfect choice. We felt they took a real interest in helping us find just the right fabric for our newly decorated sitting room.
We happily recommend South West Upholstery without reservation and will certainly use their services again – Melanie

Upholstered Winged Armchair

What an incredible transformation!

This customer wanted to update their winged armchair. We ordered a few large pattern samples, but nothing was quite right for them.

They then came back with a photo of a similar chair they liked and we sat down together to match the style as best as possible with the fabrics they liked.

As you can see, the change is quite different; we love it!

The contrasting fabrics draw attention to the interesting design of the upholstered winged armchair.

Here’s what the customer had to say:

Thank you for a fast and efficient service. I am so pleased with my wingback chair. The quality of the workmanship looks really good and thank you Abi for helping me choose the fabrics. From beginning to end you service has been without fault. – Clare

Victorian Sofa

We love working with traditional pieces and restoring them to their full potential.

This Victorian sofa desperately needed updating for comfort, so we supplied a new base cushion and added buttons in.

The material was chosen to be in keeping with the age of the piece.

The scatter cushions in a complementary fabric finish the job off just perfectly.

Three piece suite

Here the customer wanted to update her three piece suite.

We booked a free home visit to discuss her requirements in the comfort of her home and to assess the works required.

By replacing the foams and upholstering in a new material, we have added decades onto the life of this suite.

The customer was very happy with the results, our service, and our trusted delivery team.

Here’s what the customer had to say:

From start to finish everyone was pleasant, helpful and understanding. The director taking details, office staff and collection and delivery men were all very efficient. The work was well done and the collection and delivery dates adhered to.
– Glenys

Small Chair

With sentimental reasons attached to this small chair, we knew it was of highest importance that we upholstered the chair well.

This includes selecting the appropriate fabric. The customer found the material she liked and we invited her in to confirm the pattern placement before proceeding.

Needless to say she is extremely happy with the results and relieved that the chair will live on for another decade.

Here’s what the customer had to say:

Popped into store to have a look at their fabric samples and fell in love with Warwick’s Anthropology in stone. The chair I wanted reupholstered is very sentimental to me and Louise in the Clifton store was great at making sure it was just right, she took the time to understand exactly what we wanted which really put my mind at ease. I have just collected the chair and I love it! The team did and excellent job and I can highly recommend them!
– Jen

Buttoned Back Suite

When it comes to updating furniture, the big decision is often whether to keep to a similar material or to go for something entirely different.

This couple chose to renovate their suite to be feature pieces rather than replacing with something similar.

The chairs offer a soft way of incorporating patterned material by combining it with plain.

The customer was very happy with the outcome, as were we!

Colourful Dining Chairs

This customer wanted something a little different.

With five dining chairs to upholster, she chose to have them each in a different colour.

We reupholstered them in a traditional way using hessian and horsehair.

The wood was cleaned and lightly polished to freshen the frames without losing their character.

The studs are the perfect finishing touch on these fun chairs!

Here’s what the customer had to say:

Excellent work on reupholstering some Edwardian chairs, assisting on colour choices and making them look marvellous.

Reupholstery of a trio of vintage chairs

These three vintage chairs from our customer were in urgent need of our help.

After undergoing extensive refurbishment they are now restored back to their former glory.

Three piece suite upholstery

Three piece suite upholstery carried out in complementary fabrics.

Three seat sofa, two seat sofa and single chair upholstered in contrasting fabrics with new base and back foam supplied and fitted.

Frames cleaned and polished.

Arm chair upholstery project

Chair upholstery for this frame.

This chair arrived to us in a sorry state and required a complete makeover.

We stripped the piece down to the frame and carried out any repairs to the wooden frame.

New springs and fillings were fitted by our upholsterers and then finally the chair was upholstered in cloth.

What a difference!

Dining chairs upholstered in leather

A set of beautiful dining chairs upholstered in real leather.

Stripped down, cleaned, polished and upholstered.

Chaise longue patchwork upholstery project

This great piece of solid furniture came into us upholstered in the traditional way with a plain velvet.

After stripping back the piece to the frame and making the required repairs to the frame we decided to give this traditional chaise longue a twist.

We came up with a patchwork design using bright off cuts of materials to give a retro look.

We think it looks great!

Sofa reupholstery project in Bristol

This 30-year-old three seat sofa has lived through children, dogs, cats and a full on family life so when it started looking a little frail its owners decided it was time for a make over.

With a hard wood quality frame a piece of furniture will last a lifetime and more, so don’t just dispose of it and buy new, keep the history and memories going and restore it.

Our customers decided that now their children have grown up and were less messy that they would be brave and go for a lighter colour fabric which we helped them select.

As you can see the results speak for themselves.

Three piece suite upholstered in leather

This three piece suite was converted from green leather to the chosen colour of cream.

We collected all the furniture from our customer on a Monday and had the whole job completed within 7 days.

Here our customer was debating whether or not to purchase brand new furniture but after weeks of looking couldn’t find anything they liked and they really did love their current three piece.

After one phone call to us we made a home visit, provided samples of leather and a full written quote.

The customer instructed us to upholster their three piece which we of course did.

We followed the patterns exactly as the customer wanted so the suite looked as original. More fillings were added and after seven days of quality workmanship the sofa was transformed. We needed to be very careful stripping off the old leather so we didn’t cause any damaged to the show wood.

If you have been looking for a new sofa but love your old one give us a call for free advice & a quote we will be only to happy to help.

Our customer loved our work so much we upholstered their daughter’s too!

Customer Comment …

To Southwest Upholstery team. Just to say thank you, what did I think of the returning suite? My first impression surprised! at the transformation from dark green to Cambridge Stone a good selection of leather to choose from. The company has been proficient in my dealings with them, satisfaction achieved. Mrs Wiltshire – Yate

Ercol studio couch refurbishment

Ercol Studio Couch is a quality piece of furniture but this piece came into us in a sorry state.

  • We stripped the item back down to the frame, sanded down the whole frame and then polished the frame using quality finishes.
  • Replaced the old webbing with new new Pirelli webbing.
  • Cut new cushion and back foams.
  • Upholstered the item in the customer’s selected materials.

Completed and ready to use for the next 30 years!