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//Recent Orders – Bespoke Custom Made Furniture
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Bespoke wing back armchair

We recently created this bespoke armchair for one of our Bristol upholstery customers.

Jesse visited our Clifton showroom and instantly fell in love with an already upholstered wing back armchair there but wanted to change the design slightly so the chair was a little bit bigger and just right for her.

We worked alongside Jesse discussing the measurements and final design details of the chair to ensure it was made just how she wanted it.

On this chair, we made the arm to arm measurement wider and the back of the seat higher so when the chair was sat in, you are able to snuggle up in it.

Next we looked at upholstery fabrics, Jesse already had their heart set on a bright fabric that stood out. She decided on a Warwick fabric, using Liaison colour Lipstick which has a stain resistant finish.

We then looked at the different style legs for the chair where we showed her examples of the recent legs we have used and explained the different finishes you can have on them. Jesse wanted something a little different so decided on a swirl type leg polished in Mahogany for the front and original legs for the back of the chair.

We also showed her the different types of studding for the chair and she decided on a gold studding around the tops of the legs which compliments the fabric brilliantly.

As this was a bespoke wing back armchair, before we made the new foam base cushion we asked Jesse to come in to our Bristol showroom to choose which grade of foam she wanted. This enabled us to add the foam into the frame of the chair so she could feel how the finished chair would be. The final choice was medium feel foam with a dacron and stockinette wrap to add that extra plumpness and comfort.

Having a bespoke piece of furniture is brilliant if you are unable to find that perfect piece elsewhere.

Swivel chair

Are you looking for something different than your ordinary chair? How about this bespoke swivel base chair we have recently created?

Our client came to us wanting something a little different, after putting our heads together we created this chair.

We upholstered this using a purple velvet and then added the button detail to create the finished look.
Take a look at the pictures below where you can see the chair being created at different stages.

Bespoke curved sofa

How about this bespoke sofa for your living room?

We recently made this corner sofa for one of our customers who were looking for something different. We confirmed the measurements and design with them and then passed this onto our skilled frame makers to create. Our client requested that the sofa was a knockdown, so the arms are fully removable from the frame.

We upholstered this using a grey velvet and added scatter cushions to create the finished look.

Take a look at our pictures below where you can see before, during and after!

Bespoke buttoned footstool

Here we have a buttoned footstool we have recently upholstered. The footstool has been bespoke made by our frame makers using only a picture and the measurements we have supplied.
We upholstered the footstool using Ross Fabrics – Berwick fabric and added bullion fringing to give it that extra detail. Our customer requested a deep buttoned finish on the top of the footstool.
We love the finished look of this footstool. What about you?

Bespoke chesterfield sofa

Look at this stunning chesterfield sofa we have recently upholstered for one of our customers. The frame was made by our skilled frame makers using only a picture and measurements to complete to.

We love being able to offer bespoke furniture made to order as our customers can be as creative as they like when choosing the perfect furniture for them.

We upholstered the sofa using Warwick Braemore Chintz.

Bedroom chair

Take a look at this bespoke bedroom chair we have recently made and upholstered for one of our customers.

Our customer wanted a specific design and asked for the chair to have a high back with studding detail around the edges.

They supplied their own fabric for us to upholster the chair with.

Do you have an empty space in your bedroom that a chair like this could fill?

Bespoke footstool

Here we have a bespoke footstool that we have recently made for one of our clients.

We worked very closely with them to ensure the finish colour for the leg was exactly how they wanted it and then polished them to create the finished look.

They chose to upholster this using Isle Mill Craigie Plaid Catkin.

Do you have an idea piece of furniture that you would like in your home? We could help you create a bespoke piece exactly how you want it!

Hotel headboards

Take a look at these single headboards we have recently completed for one of our clients who is undertaking a hotel refurbishment project.

We supplied the bespoke headboard frames to the clients measurements and then upholstered them using Warwick – Plush Velvet – Steel and then added chrome studding around the edges to give the headboards this unique look!

Bespoke benches

Take a look at these bespoke benches we made using our clients drawings.

We were supplied drawings and measurements and asked to supply the frames and undertake the upholstery to create the finished look. We upholstered the benches using Wildman & Bugby leather Heritage Anvil.

We think they are going to look outstanding in our client’s office.

Our client wanted to create a different look and asked us to position buttons in between each diamond.

Below you can see the process from start to finish. We enjoy nothing more than to be able to create these great bespoke seating units from just a drawing!

Take a look at this headboard we have completed for one of our clients.

We supplied the frame using the customers own measurements and drawings to create this stunning bespoke headboard.

Our client supplied us with their own fabric and we think it looks great!

Who wouldn’t love this headboard above their bed?

Bespoke Sofa for London Cinema Room

This is a sofa we have recently made for one our clients for their home cinema room in London.

Our client wanted something a little bit different and asked us to supply the sofa to a design they had seen. Using pictures and drawings we were able to create the perfect sofa for them.

We had lots of comments on this as it was so large! I’m sure our client will love lounging on this to watch a good movie!

The frames have been bespoke made and then upholstered in a velvet supplied to us by the client.

We then supplied scatter cushions to add the finishing touches!

Bespoke furniture for Battleaxes pub in Wraxall

The Battleaxes pub in Wraxall was undergoing a refurbishment and requested a mixture of brand new bespoke furniture and existing pieces to be upholstered.

As we’re sure you can see, the feel of the pub is very cosy and classic, incorporating pheasants and leaf patterns into the fabrics chosen. We created a 4m long sofa, round arm cocktail chairs, a buttoned back sofa, pouffe sets, and a range of scatter cushions. We also upholstered pinch back club chairs, a three piece button back suite and more, ready for their re-opening. All were upholstered in either Linwood Fabrics or Crest JMT leather.

Luxurious Bespoke Chairs with Footstool

Here at South West Upholstery, one of the things we love to do is create furniture to satisfy a customer’s vision. That’s exactly what we did here by creating two bespoke chairs with a footstool for one.

Mrs N was completely redecorating her sitting room and wanted to design a few pieces of furniture to fit with her idea for the room.

We were presented with some photographs, dimensions, and her fabric, and off we went!

The frames are all handmade from FSC approved beech wood, screwed and glued together for a solid frame, and upholstered to the highest standard.

Here are some photographs of the bespoke chairs and footstool in the room and while still at our workshop. What do you think?

8.5m Bespoke Sofa

This was a bespoke sofa project we relished being involved with from the moment it was dreamt up. Our client wanted to create a ‘Cosy’ look in their bar and expressed interest in making a large sofa to make the most of the space and make it feel a bit more like home than bench seating.

From drawings, sketches, and photos, we worked out a way to fulfil their criteria, by creating an 8.5m long bespoke sofa upholstered in a hard-wearing velvet.

A beautifully soft foam has been used in the base and backs for that added comfort. For extra luxury, we used turned legs with brass castors, and a gorgeous braid. With art deco style arms, this is a piece to remember.

We assembled the sofa in our showroom and had to extend it into the workshop it was so large! It almost disappears into the distance.

Now it sits in its new home at Cosy Club in Liverpool, and we think it fits in just perfectly.

Bespoke, new sofas

Our customer was moving house and wanted two new sofas. We worked with them to create a bespoke design for their sofas.

Once they had decided on the size of the sofas we helped them to choose suitable materials in line with their vision. We sent free samples to their address to help decide on their fabric.

Now the sofas are with them in their new home and they are very happy!

Bespoke leather bar front

When this customer came to us, they were looking for a way to make their bar more sophisticated.

We helped make that dream become reality by supplying a buttoned leather bar front.

It is now in their bar and looking fabulous!

Bespoke Family Sofa

With a large family, this customer was looking to have a new bespoke family sofa built to accommodate them all.

They already had a design in mind so we got to work to ensure we fulfilled their vision.

With soft cushions and hard-wearing fabric, this sofa is perfect for young and old alike!

They also requested a round loveseat to relax in after a long day with the children.

Bespoke bench

We were tasked with building a new bespoke bench for this customer.

They wanted something that would make a statement in a soft velvet.

Using FSC approved wood, we built the frame and upholstered it to their specification using foam profiling.

The lumbar cushion was an additional item, with a luxurious finish.

Now we all want one!