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Leather tub chairs

Take a look at these three tub chairs we have just upholstered for one of upholstery customers in Bristol!

Angelica came in to our Clifton showroom to obtain a quote and look at some fabric to reupholster the chairs in. As the current chairs were upholstered in vinyl that had started to wear slightly she was unsure if she wanted to use a cloth or leather this time.

We spent lots of time looking through different sample books and arranged free samples to be sent out to our customer. Once the samples arrived, Angelica decided she wanted to use two different leathers to upholster the chairs.

She decided to use JMT leather range Sir Edmund in colour Bronx for two of the chairs and then one chair to be upholstered in JMT leather range Stella in colour Cherry red. We think the red chair complements the brown ones brilliantly. What do you think?