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Our family business has been around for the past 18 years and we believe this speaks volumes for the quality and trust we offer to our customers. You can view a collection of our previous jobs on our Recent Orders page.

We cover every requirement for your household upholstery, re-upholstery and soft furnishing needs using our highly experienced upholsterers and sewing machinist. We do things differently and are transparent in our approach – we have nothing to hide!

Items that we have worked on in the past include: sofas, chairs, three piece suites, footstools, ottomans, dining chairs, bedroom chairs, and more. Let’s not forget the brand new bespoke items including window seats, scatter cushions, sofas and chairs to name a few. Take a look at our services for a further breakdown of the items we can work on, or contact us with your enquiry.

On a regular basis we expertly upholster many items such as three piece suites, armchairs, reclining chairs, footstools and much more. Whether you have a modern piece of furniture or a well-known brand such as Ercol, Parker Knoll, G-Plan, Cintique, or Multiyork we can help with your requirements

On a regular basis we expertly upholster many items such as three piece suites, armchairs, reclining chairs, footstools and much more. Whether you have a modern piece of furniture or a well-known brand such as Ercol, Parker Knoll, G-Plan, Cintique, or Multiyork we can help with your requirements.

As experts in our field we are able to offer a range of options depending on your needs. This could be completely new upholstery to include new foam, feather or fibre inners for added comfort, or perhaps just a top recover. If your current cushion inners have gone saggy and require some new oomph we can help you choose the perfect filling for your desired comfort level. If your springs or webbing have gone, here too we can help, as we can replace like for like or suggest a different supporting structure using coil springs, zig zag springs, webbing or even a genuine Wade spring pack.

If you require traditional upholstery we undertake this too. We are very clear and open with the type of upholstery you will be getting; traditional or modern. If you state to us to upholster your piece traditionally we will use traditional natural fillings and no foam to upholster your piece of furniture. As you can imagine this is a technique that requires much more time to complete and cannot be rushed.

Please take the time to review our upholstery process; we don’t add in odd pieces of foam to fill gaps or raise up a collapsed area. We do the job once and properly so it will last for many years to come, and as such we offer a 2 year guarantee for any works we carry out.

The Process


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We will strip down your furniture, make any repairs to the frame that are required to ensure a solid foundation for us to work from. Any loose joints will be doweled, glued and screwed. We always remove the original layer of cloth and never go over the top of your existing upholstery.


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If you have requested any French polishing to be carried out we will do this now, otherwise we will carry out a light button polish of your furniture legs as standard.


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Now the frame is solid we will begin to move onto the springs and/or webbings on your furniture. If a spring or any webbing needs replacing we will replace it at this stage. Should the whole internal supporting structure fail on your furniture, we will quote to replace it with a suitable alternative and discuss the options with you.


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Any padding fixed to the frame and on the arms is checked and replaced where required.


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We will then add any new foams, feather inners or fillings that you have requested for back or base cushions to ensure excellent comfort for years to come. We would quote for these upon seeing your items or can quote beforehand using dimensions supplied.


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Finally with a frame rebuilt ready for years of future action we can begin to upholster your furniture in your chosen cloth, leather or faux leather. We will carefully add any sundry items for the finishing touches such as braid, studding, piping and so on. New legs and castors are also fitted at this stage if requested.


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Once complete your furniture will be quality checked to ensure we have carried out your every request, and the works are completed to our usual high standards.


Bespoke furniture for Battleaxes pub in Wraxall

We will then wrap your furniture with protective sheeting, ready to present to you.
At this stage we will invite you to come in, inspect your work and then pay the final balance due ready for your item to be dispatched.

Free Written Quotation

Browse our Services on our Home page for further information, or contact us for your free, written quotation.


Visit our showrooms to discuss your upholstery needs for your household furniture with one of our friendly sales team in a no pressure environment. You can also send drawings or photographs, or call for a rough quotation. We don’t pressure sell and never will. You can browse a full range of fabric, leather and vinyl sample books on display and ask as many questions as you like. We encourage you to try out the wide selection of foam and fillings we have available to determine your perfect comfort grade. Here you will see first-hand our work and the quality we offer.


Once we have recorded all of your requirements, we will provide you with a typed quotation on headed paper there and then, which will clearly give a breakdown of costs – we have nothing to hide! Any materials you like in store we offer to post free samples directly to you to live with for a while.


You may decide to proceed at this point or you may need more time to decide, which is absolutely fine as your quotation is valid for 30 days. If you decide to choose us, we will request a 50% deposit on your order to book your work in and order any bespoke materials for your job. We will clearly confirm to you how long the work will take and when the work will begin.

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