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Horsebox Upholstery and Soft Furnishings

Our bespoke horsebox Upholstery service is available to you nationwide regardless of your location and includes:

  • Reupholstery and soft furnishings for your horsebox
  • New upholstery made to measure for bespoke built horseboxes
  • Replacement cushion inners and fillings for your horsebox
  • Mattresses made to measure
  • Professional reupholstery of cab, driver and passenger seating
  • Professional repair to your horsebox upholstery

Whether you have existing cushions in need of a refresh or you are mid-way through building a bespoke horsebox we can assist you with your upholstery requirements. We are pleased to work with public customers, professional horse racers, trailer convertors, trade customers and more on any type of order, large or small.

Please read on to discover more about each service we offer –

Reupholstery and soft furnishings for your horsebox

We can reupholster any type of seating and soft furnishings in your horsebox, from covers only on existing pieces, to new box cushions, loose or fixed upholstery. Each piece is carefully pattern matched to your existing covers or created brand new, with the covers marked with chalk and then cut by hand. Next, your covers are sewn together, attaching any piping or zips as required. Once complete we carefully fit your new covers back onto your existing furniture or foams, or onto any new foams or boards you have requested.

The end result is absolutely stunning with your horsebox being ready for the road!

New upholstery made to measure for bespoke built horseboxes

If your horsebox is being completely gutted and the design changed, or you’re doing the full works and building your own horsebox, you more than likely will need completely new upholstery and soft furnishings.

This is something we regularly do and are happy to work from drawings, templates or boards you supply, or we can cut and manufacture boards to your requirements in house. Brand new foam can be selected by comfort grade, carefully cut and shaped ready to upholster in your chosen fabric, leather or vinyl. Once complete your order is dispatched to you ready to fit into your completed project.

Replacement cushion inners and fillings for your horsebox

Replacing the foam in your furniture, bedding, or seating can bring a new lease of life to uncomfortable, sagging items. Simply pop in with one of your cushions or provide us with measurements for a quotation for replacement cushion inners. If you are further afield, why not take advantage of our Cushion Pack, which is sent directly to you for us to collect your cushions. Replacing your cushion inners and fillings as part of your horsebox upholstery is a fantastic way to add comfort and create a pristine finish to your seating. Find out more about our cushion refilling service on our Foam and Replacement Cushion Inners Pages.



Mattresses made to measure

Whatever the shape of your horsebox, we can provide a suitable replacement mattress, or a brand new mattress if required. We work with you to make a mattress for your horsebox upholstery that matches your desired comfort level, whether that is firm and supportive or with a memory foam top layer. Your mattress can be made to measure to fit a certain size or shape – if there are any unusual curves or cut-outs where your mattress will fit, this is no problem. All mattresses come with stockinette as standard as this helps to reduce the friction between the cover and the foam.

The mattress can then be upholstered in calico or a material of your choice for an elegant finish. Alternatively, we can supply you with the foam only for you to create a cover or to fit into an existing cover. Find more information on our Mattresses Page.

Professional reupholstery of Cab, Driver and Passenger seating

Reupholstery of your horsebox cab seating is the final finishing touch. Seating types tend to vary having worked on a wide range of seating types over the years including KAB, Chapman, ISRI, Grammer and more.

We can professionally reupholster your driver and passenger seat with fresh fabric, leather or vinyl. If your seat has become worn over the years we can add in replacement base, back and arm foams as required, which we can either obtain as original replacement parts or manufacture in house if the replacement foam is no longer available. We are also very pleased to work on brand new seating if you simply require a change of materials.



Professional repair to your horsebox upholstery

Maybe your horsebox upholstery is still in good order but requires a little TLC?

We can professionally repair any broken or loose stitching. If you have a larger repair required such as a damaged panel or faded leather, the best practice is to remove the damaged piece and replace with fresh materials to make a sound repair. We will work with you to obtain a close match to any new materials required.

We can replace and refill tired, droopy, lumpy cushions of any shape and size to leave you sitting perfectly once more. This can be done in a wide range of fillings to include; luxurious foam cut to size with added Dacron and stockinette, feather and down cushions or hollow fibre in a range of comfort levels. This is a great option if your upholstery is in good order, and can improve the look and feel of your cushions instantly.

We will provide you with a fixed price to professionally repair your horsebox upholstery based on any information and pictures you provide us and are pleased to work with you regardless of where you are based in the UK.

Contact us today for your free quotation.


Visit our showrooms to discuss your upholstery needs for your horsebox with one of our friendly sales team in a no pressure environment. You can also send drawings or photographs, or call for a rough quotation. We don’t pressure sell and never will. You can browse a full range of fabric, leather and vinyl sample books on display and ask as many questions as you like. We encourage you to try out the wide selection of foam and fillings we have available to determine your perfect comfort grade. Here you will see first-hand our work and the quality we offer.


Once we have recorded all of your requirements, we will provide you with a typed quotation on headed paper there and then, which will clearly give a breakdown of costs – we have nothing to hide! Any materials you like in store we offer to post free samples directly to you to live with for a while.


You may decide to proceed at this point or you may need more time to decide, which is absolutely fine as your quotation is valid for 30 days. If you decide to choose us, we will request a 50% deposit on your order to book your work in and order any bespoke materials for your job. We will clearly confirm to you how long the work will take and when the work will begin.

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