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Are the cushions on your sofa or chairs tired and sagging? Have they lost the form and comfort they had when you bought them? If so we are able to help revive your furniture and bring the bounce back to your cushions. We can supply foam cut to any size and any shape for any application. Our family-run business has been trading for 18 years, so you can trust us to provide you with all the information you require to choose the filling best suited to your requirements.

Replacement foam

Cushion re-filling is one of our most popular services. Over the years cushions often lose their shape and our customers are keen to improve both their comfort level and their look. We fit the cushions to your covers, so you don’t have to worry about getting the old cushions out or the new ones in. We’ll even dispose of your old inners, recycling them where possible. You can take advantage of this service wherever you are in the UK using our Cushion Pack, find out more on our dedicated Replacement Cushion Inners page.

From feather to foam

Feather cushions can be very heavy and require a lot of effort to plump them up on a daily basis. We offer foam grades suitable for replacing feather cushions with foam, meaning they look good without plumping and are often very cost effective. Try our foam samples in store to find your optimum comfort level.

Sofa Before Filling
Sofa Cushion Refilling After

Feather cushions

If your preference is feather cushions, we can replace existing cushions with new or supply new feather cushions suitable for back or seat application. You can also order new scatter cushion inners if yours are looking a little sad. For an extra luxurious finish, choose a feather/down mix for that total ‘sinkability’ comfort.

Foam cushions with feather wrap

Opt for the best of both worlds by replacing your cushions with new cushions with a foam core and a feather wrap. The foam helps the cushions to keep their shape, and the feathers maintain the soft finish. Suitable for back and base cushions, they require less daily attention than feather cushions alone.

Fixed cushions

Not all cushions are removable from furniture, so we offer a fixed cushion refilling service. It requires more work as the piece of furniture often has to be stripped down to replace the fillings, and can add years to the furniture’s life. Simply send a photo and rough measurements for your written quotation.

Foam cut to size

We also supply foam cut to size, for whatever use you have. Whether it’s for a mattress, windows seats, an odd or irregular shape, we offer foam cut to size in all our foam grades. We’ve cut foam for all the weird and wonderful projects you can think of, including a life size model of a large bird. Choose from our foam samples to find the foam that’s right for you.

Foam cut to size for pouffes


We are experienced in making brand new or replacement mattresses for our customers. We make our mattresses cut to size to each order, to any depth required. Popular uses include for the home, motorhomes, caravans, boats, and even tree houses! Choose the comfort grade of your choice from samples we hold in store, with the option of a memory foam topper. Find out more on our Mattresses page.

Dacron & Stockinette

We would usually recommend a Dacron wrap and with stockinette for cushions, depending on the desired finished look and the use of the foam. Dacron is a polyester wrap, designed to create a lovely rounded finish on the cushions. Stockinette helps to reduce friction between the cover and the foam, holds the Dacron in, and makes it easier to fit the cushion into the covers again.

There are different weights available, we would suggest the 14oz to be used with leather furniture and sometimes feather replacement, whereas the 9oz is more commonly used with foam replacement. If you are undertaking your own DIY upholstery project we can supply you with the Dacron only if required.

Foam cushion cut to size with dacron and stockinette

No fibre base cushions

A lot of companies that mass-produce furniture offer fibre cushions as standard. Here at South West Upholstery, we would not recommend the use of fibre as a base cushion, as it flattens in no time and even has no guarantee because of this! If you have fallen victim to being sold a sofa with hollow fibre base cushions, you will know exactly what we mean. Replace them with lovely new foam or feather cushions and it will immediately transform your sofa from disappointing to luxurious.

Herbert Loose Cover Lino Graphite New Hfibre

Outdoor Foam (Reticulated)

Reticulated foam is perfect for outdoor use. It allows water to run through, so wave goodbye to soggy, mouldy, or disintegrated outdoor cushions! You can either create your own covers, or take advantage of our waterproof and water resistant materials and expertise by ordering covers at the same time. You can find out more about how we can help on our Outdoor Upholstery page.

How it’s done

Creating foam cushions isn’t as simply as cutting a piece of foam and putting it in your covers; there is a lot more skill involved. A perfectly ‘domed’ look is created through chamfering or a Dacron wrap to ensure a comfortable finish that looks good on your furniture. Any unusual shapes are cut to a template, having been carefully measured. They are then covered in stockinette and inserted back into the covers if supplied. Following a final quality control check, they are ready to come back to you!

Alan cutting foam to size
Chip foam with a 39 200 topper

Nationwide Service – Cushion Pack

If you live further afield, we can still help with your cushion troubles with these 5 simple steps:

1. Call or email with measurements or use our enquiry form below
2. If you are happy with the price we will then send you our packaging kit, which contains simple instructions and bags big enough for your cushions – we require the inners from one base and one back cushion only
3. Once your cushions are ready, let us know and a trusted courier will collect your cushions
4. We will check the measurements and give you a call to talk through your options
5. If you’re happy to proceed, it’ll take around 5-7 working days to complete – we will deliver your cushions back on a next day service
If you don’t want to go ahead your cushions will be returned to you free of charge, so there’s no harm in getting a quotation!