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Conservatory Upholstery

Freshen up your conservatory! Conservatory cushions are often subjected to a lot of sunlight and consequently the fabric can fade or even damage from the UV rays. Here at South West Upholstery we can upholster your existing cushions or supply brand new cushions. We can also upholster any fixed upholstery on your furniture that you have in your conservatory, sun room, or summer house. Choose from a selection of UV resistant fabrics that have a high rating against fading and damage from UV rays.

If you require new foam cushions we can create these from templates, drawings, or measurements, which you can either email to us, call, or pop in store to discuss your requirements with one of our Sales Team. Any shape and size is possible, as we make the cushions to order every time. Simply supply a template of your seating area to make sure of a snug fit, and potential issues such as curves and cut-outs disappear. Our conservatory cushion service is available to you wherever you are in the UK, and we can provide a quotation with rough sizes and even send free samples of suitable fabrics directly to your door. You can also try our foam samples at one of our showrooms to find the comfort level that suits you best, all in a friendly, no pressure environment.

UV Resistant Fabrics

If you’re looking for a fabric that won’t fade easily in the sun, we have a number of different ranges from Sunbrella for you to choose from that are UV resistant for long lasting, bright colours, all of which have a 5 year limited warranty. Whether you like stripes, patterns, or plains you’re sure to find something you’re looking for. Sunbury Design bring to the table fabrics that have ‘Colour Protection Technology’, designed to help prevent fading, and other suppliers including Warwick Fabrics have fabrics that are less inclined to fade in sunlight. We can arrange for free samples of any of these ranges, or you can browse our supplier’s websites for inspiration.

Foam Replacement Service

If your cushions are saggy or not as comfortable as they once were, we offer a foam replacement service for your furniture. We invite you to come in and try out a number of foam samples to find the one that feels the most comfortable to you. If your cushions are removable from your furniture, you can bring it into one our branches for a friendly Sales Team member to measure and discuss your options with you. This also means we can return the new cushions to you already in the covers, nice and hassle-free. If your cushions are fixed to your furniture, this is no problem. Contact us to see how we can help with replacing your cushions with new, or read more on our Replacement Cushion Inners page.