An Upholsterer’s Day

We may be biased, but we find watching our upholsterers fascinating so we thought we would shine a light on what these craftsman get up to a day to day basis. Each day in the workshop is slightly different, as I’m sure you can imagine, one day you could be upholstering a button back armchair the next you could be upholstering bus seats for a Jamaican party bus!

Our upholsterers arrive to the workshop nice and early, admittedly before I’ve even got out of bed some days! Ready to start a productive day they review the day’s schedule to see what work is booked in and any collection and deliveries due.

Ready for collections and deliveries

Ready for collections and deliveries

Our upholsterers will load the van with any items ready to be delivered back to our happy customers. Likewise, they will unload the van with items collected ready to be worked on, always an exciting time to see what upcoming projects there are.

The bulk of the day as you can imagine is spent upholstering items. Each upholsterer has their own work space as well as the choice of several sewing machines.


Sewing machines in the workshop

The upholsterers can then be found stripping items, cutting fabric, upholstering sofas, repairing zips, upholstering motorbike seats, as well as working on commercial projects… Click on this link for an insight into one of our contract upholstery projects. The variety of jobs we receive makes every day exciting.


Stripping an art deco sofa

Upholsterers spend a lot of time on their feet, unless working at a sewing machine; it’s a labour intensive craft that takes a lot of skill and strength. One of the most important parts of our upholsterers’ days is the tea break, a chance to refuel and more importantly drink tea and occasionally eat cake.


Work in progress by Robert

Finally every day the upholsterers clear their workspace; maintaining an organised tidied workshop makes everything run a lot more smoothly.

We currently have four upholsterers and a machinist; you can find out more about them here-

Our workshop is based within our Bedminster shop and we would love it if you came and said hello – you also get to see the workshop in action!

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