Motorbike upholstery – can it be done and is it worth it?

Motorbike Upholstery

Motorbike seats get a lot of wear, not only from being used but also from being exposed to the elements. We offer a motorbike upholstery service, which means that instead of having to buy a new seat you can upholster your existing one.

The benefits:

  • Often a cheaper alternative
  • You can choose the vinyl or leather colour and design
  • It is a greener option as it saves a usable seat from going to the tip
  • Update your seat to match the seasons!

 Previous Work

motorbike upholstery seats in vinyl

Motorbike seats upholstered in vinyl

We have worked with a wide range of different shaped motorcycle seats. We always work alongside the customer to create a seat that suits them. From ordering free samples of materials directly to your door to discussing the appropriate stitch design, we love working with you.

A previous customer we have worked with used to frequently ride from the UK to Europe, so comfort was paramount for him. We cut away part of his existing foam and added a gel insert that he provided, for that extra little luxury. He was very pleased with the outcome and could envision his journeys becoming a lot less painful.

How we can help you

To provide you with a quote and to find out exactly how we can help you, the first step is to send a photograph through our contact form. From there we can either provide you with a quotation or get in touch to discuss your requirements in more depth. You are also very welcome to bring the seat into our Bedminster showroom to discuss with one of our experienced upholsterers exactly what you’d like and to have a look through your material options.

motorbike upholstery with stitch detail

Upholstered in new vinyl with stitch detail

Contact us today

So why not get the ball rolling by sending us a couple of photos? You can even send a few images of what you’d like your seat to look like should you require a change in the design.

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