An Introduction…


I have never been very good at introducing myself, but here goes it…

I am Bryony, the newest member of #TeamSWU part of the Sales team. Here’s a little bit about me and the things I love…….

So, I guess starting way back from a child I have loved doing anything creative, cliché I know. I remember spending my weekends drawing and designing each room in my ‘dream house’. They included all the little important details – the patterns on the cushions, the wall colour, how many windows I wanted. I was brought up to see the beauty in salvaging forgotten items, spending time in junk shops and antique fairs hunting for hidden gems and adding to my collection of vintage fabric scraps.

I went on to study Printed textiles and surface pattern design for my degree. Spending my days drawing, designing and learning new fascinating print techniques, I was in my element. Since then my love for interior furnishings has flourished, I think the reason why I love fabric so much is that it presents endless possibilities. You can make it into almost anything, and find almost any design or colour you’re after.

Bryony's favorite things

Bryony’s favorite things

Understandably the favorite part of my job is helping customers with their fabric choices and seeing what customer chose, I love the excitement of a new fabric collection release. Since leaving university I have worked within the upholstery sector and I’m constantly amazed by the trade, I love seeing a piece of furniture given a new lease of life as well as the idea of making something completely unique for your home.

In my spare time I still enjoy browsing junk shops and antique fairs, adding knickknacks and rearranging furniture is something I will never get bored of. I love spending my time on creative projects, I am currently in the early stages of learning macramé which I’m sure my house will be full off soon enough.

It’s one of my favorite parts of the job seeing the different and unique pieces of furniture that are brought in to us to revive. I don’t think I could narrow down a favorite style or era of furniture, there’s too many to choose from, right? Or I’m just too indecisive. I love the classic chesterfield button back sofas to curl up on and a sleek Ercol chair to read on, I guess mixing up styles is no bad thing.

Bryony's favorite thing

Bryony’s favorite things


In terms of fabric I am pretty open minded, I appreciate a lot of patterns and the work that goes in to them. The Linwood Fable collection is one of my favorite collections, the main pattern is a celebration of the beauty in hand crafted design. As well of bold patterns currently I am loving more abstracted prints, tonal designs full of textures and colours.

So that’s a bit about me. What about you? I would love to hear about your favorite fabrics and help you select some samples from our ranges. Pop into our Bedminster or Clifton branch to say hello soon!


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