The Acquaintance.

‘Hi, I’m Grace!’ – one half of the sales admin team at South West Upholstery. Here is a little blog of who I am, what I do and which materials make me tick.

Let’s get Acquainted…

Never knowing a day where I can’t find something ‘creative’ worth discovering, I will pluck out my canon camera, or trusty iphone and ‘snap it’! You see… I love documenting objects, watching their transformation and keeping them safe.

Way back when I had blinkers for a creative occupation…and to the present day, my curiosity of design, the natural elements and a combination of the two have never left my side. I have a degree in Interior Textiles and Surface Design, which was no picnic to achieve…but none the less, I enjoyed every second of it!!… So being surrounded by these fibres nearly everyday, definitely ticks one thing off my bucket list. To cut this section short: Pinterest is my forte, having been chosen as a ‘feature pinner’ on Pinterest… It feels like a new lease of life when I create a new board. This combined with becoming a visual merchandiser for a company in London & having interest from the Devon Guild of Craftsman, I am a keen believer in using my hands for the traditional techniques.  And so far… this job has taught me that any concept can be considered and achieved.

swu window

SWU’s Seaside Appeal

The Books…

Amongst the mountain of fabric books we have for you guys to choose from, my favourite would be a toss up between the Linwood Ephemera book or the Warwick Serendipity book. This is my indecisiveness coming out…however, I’d choose Ephemera for its random prints that feature men directing you left and right, or a lion attacking with its natural instincts. The Warwick Serendipity book I simply favour for the ethnic funky patterns and the Winning Kaleidoscope sample – only for accessory use, once you have locked your eyes on this fabric, there’s no going back! Plus, these are great for the window displays too…

It’s not just the wild ones I like though, if I was to go for composition, it would be a cotton weave or linen stripe. This is mainly because it reminds me of the craftsmanship under all those pretty patterns on your sofa.


Grace’s inspirations

The Spare Time and Chair favourites...

 If I was to tell you where I’d be on my day off,  you will either find me in a potting shed, at a reclamation yard or sitting front row in a theatre seat!….probably thinking of how it could be upholstered, if I’m honest! My favourite style of furniture would be something out of the ordinary! Nothing worth of a standard comfort zone. Crisp and fine lined is what I’d call it, with a little ruggedness too! – The design, at the end of the day, is the ‘structural foundation’ which holds everything together.

grass hopper

‘Grasshopper’ Chair by Niels Vodder, 1938.


So that’s me in a nutshell…. Stay tuned for more blogs from all us at #TeamSWU – I’m sure I’ll see you in store soon! – Keep your eyes peeled for the new Linwood Tango range, coming to an SWU store near you!

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